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Projects and Events


An event that captures the hearts of our youth, inspiring heartwarming performances from our very own!!

The Annual high school Nasheed competition gets more & more exciting every year. 

This event proudly showcases the harmonious voices of young aspiring individuals.

This event has definitely proven to be one of the social highlights of the year.


Our 7th Annual Islamic Eisteddfod showcased amazing talents on stage as youth from schools across Cape Town presented their love for Poetry, Spoken Word and Speech.

Production poster portrait (1).jpg

An Evening of Arts Production inspired by the Best of Stories!

This story is the most detailed narration in the Qur'an and has lessons that both young & old can learn from for years to come.

With the help and support of many local businesses and communities, we were able to bring this amazing story to life on stage!


The daily struggle of finding the next meal has become a harsh reality for the destitute. Help us bring some relief to them. 

Change for Change_edited.jpg

Team Fusion invites you to take up the Change For Change challenge by getting our collection tins into your schools, businesses, sports clubs and families! Your small change will help us make a big change i the lives of our youth through our various Educational programs.

Contact us today to get some collection tins and be a part of positive change!

Child Headed Homes.jpg

Meet Beyonce, a 19 year old from Manenberg. This young lady is responsible for a home and cares for her 4 other younger siblings.

"I live with 4 children I have to look after"

2020 started out with so much excitement for Beyonce and her family as she prepared for her grade 12 year, the year very turned sad as her mother passed away due to serious illness. A month later her grandmother, their pillar of strength, also passed away leaving the 5 children to fend for themselves.

"I couldn't focus at school (Matric '20) because I was worried about her lying sick at home"

Beyonce's attendance at school suffered as a result of needing to look after her ill mother as well as 4 younger kids. 

When asked about the biggest challenge she faces in running a household, she replied
"Going to other people's houses, asking for something to make a pot of food"

Beyonce was now forced to leave school and look after the other kids.

The Fusion Inyameko Foundation SA is supporting Beyonce and other child headed home to bring relief to some of the most vulnerable children.

Sponsor Beyonce or other kids in similar situations for only R950 per month and make a positive impact in their lives.

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