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This one day event is a great way for participants to experience Cape Town and its beauty. 20 Teams (of 4 or 5 members) will travel by car from one checkpoint to the next in an attempt to complete various activities and tasks. These tasks will test their physical & mental skills, teamwork, endurance and courage to be crowned the Amazing race CHAMPIONS.  

Rules of the Race



Teams of 4 or 5 will travel in and around Cape Town in their own vehicle. Teams will travel from on destination to the next to complete a series of tasks and collect clues. (FIFSA will not be liable for any speeding or traffic fines, loss or damage to vehicle)


Teams will be expected to perform various tasks. On the successful completion of a task the team will receive a clue which will lead them to the next destination. The clue may be in a form of a riddle or just an instruction or direction to the next destination.

Eliminations Because the main purpose of the event is for enjoyment, no team will be eliminated from the race at any time. The winner of the race will be the team who completes the race in the fastest time.


Prizes will be awarded to the winning team as well as the best dressed team on the day!

Legal declaration of Indemnity

1. Neither Fusion Inyameko Foundation SA or any employees or representatives of the company acting in this capacity as such be liable for:

1.1 any damages arising such as death, bodily injuries, loss of health or illness of any participant or any property owned by or in the custody of any participant, or
1.2 any loss of purely pecuniary nature suffered by any person whatsoever.  

2. The participant hereby indemnifies Fusion Inyameko Foundation SA against any claim made by any person whatsoever against the company in respect of any damage arising out of negligent or intentional act of omission or any other wrongful act or omission of the participant.

3 The registration fee is non refundable in the event the cancellation of the amazing race due to increase in lockdown levels or any other reason(s) beyond our control or cancellation by a team.

4. I, the undersigned team leader of the below mentioned team acknowledge and understand the provisions of the declaration of the indemnity above and hold myself bound there by and by the rules of the game.

Are you ready to compete to be crowned CHAMPIONS of the Amazing Race!

Complete your entry form to book your spot.

Entry Form
Bank: First National Bank
Acc name: Fusion Inyameko Foundation SA
Acc no: 62783459871
Code: 250655
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Ref: AR_Teamname
Please e-mail proof of payment to

Thanks for entering your team!

Please note:

Due to Covid-19 the race had to be postponed to stop the spread of the deadly virus and will resume once the numbers decease and we're given permission to hosts events again.  
The new date for the Amazing Race is 6th March 2021.

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